"Rob tutored our 13 year-old son in Algebra to prepare him for placement and standardized testing. Rob quickly established a great rapport with our son, taught him testing techniques, and explained the material very clearly. In addition, he was punctual and flexible with scheduling. Our son materially improved his standardized test scores and passed his placement tests with flying colors. We are extremely happy with Rob's tutoring- we highly recommend him."

-Simon Fraser

"My experience with Rob has been extremely positive. He is professional, has great rapport with the kids (middle and high school age) and gets results. Not only did both boys improve their grades within a few sessions, their overall attitudes about math are more positive. Having self-confidence in math has made homework and test-taking a lot less stressful for everyone. Rob always has something for the kids to work on, even if they don't have a specific issue on a given week. We are going to use his services again this year. Absolutely recommend Rob Fazio to anyone!"

-Adrienne Pannell

"Adult learner back to school. Was in much need of refresh on Algebra. Bobby got me to be exactly where I was needed to succeed in my classes and I left with a much better understanding of the concepts used. Also, flexible times and willing to travel. Def recommend!"


"Mr. Fazio utilizes innovative approaches in teaching time-telling, addition, subtraction, and money to a student with Autism, OCD and other disabilities.
I observe Mr. Fazio's tutoring sessions 2x/weekly as a behavioral therapist and the student is consistently motivated and encouraged by Mr. Fazio. I'm most impressed by his dedication to said student's mastery of the mathematical concepts. When it takes multiple weeks for the student to master concepts, Mr. Fazio continues to explore various approaches to the math problems (including standing white-board work, sitting desk work, isolating individual concepts/steps in a problem, utilizing manipulatives, use of timeline, etc) until the concepts "click" with the student. Then, review of the concepts is provided until the concept is mastered! When the student loses focus or displays perseverative behaviors or vocal/motor tics, Mr. Fazio remains patient & redirects the student back to the task at hand, as well as facilitating a token-economy system for the student including breaks when necessary. Mr. Fazio provides genuine positive reinforcement when appropriate, but also expresses appropriate yet high expectations, so the student appears motivated to succeed.
My coworkers and I now refer to Mr. Fazio as a genius who "works his magic," as he is able to teach concepts, that we as educators & therapists have difficulty teaching, to the student efficiently, consistently and in a timely manner! He is able to collaborate with me involving my behavioral expectations for the student. He consistently updates the teacher regarding student's progress.
Mr. Fazio also takes time outside of his tutoring sessions. This impresses me as this time is unpaid! He created a unique colored clock with helpful labels for the student to work towards time concepts!
In short, I'd highly recommend Mr. Fazio as a math tutor for your student(s)!"

Celeste Wade, MA, ATR-BC
ABA Therapist
Board Certified Art Therapist
Philadelphia, PA 19428

"I am required to take a Math pre-req for my nursing degree at Montco. I found Robert Fazio after searching math tutors in the area and I am so glad I did! Being a mother of three kids, working full time and attending college on a part-time basis - the math concepts that I learned in high school were kind of blurry. Fazio is patient and explains the problems in depth and challenges you! He is a great tutor and I would highly recommend him."


"Robert Fazio is a an excellent tutor. This is my second school year working with him in math. He is always prompt and listens to my concerns. He makes math easy to understand. Since working with him, my grades have excelled. I highly recommend him."


"Mr. Fazio is the only reason I made it into the UBCJA this year. He is a fantastic tutor, and an all around great guy. I tried to get a hold of a ton of different tutors, and Mr. Fazio was the only one who contacted me back within less than a day. If you need tutoring, this is the guy to go to."


"Very flexible with scheduling despite busy schedule. Teaches very helpful tips and easy strategies to help with learning the material. Makes learning algebra 2 a lot easier."

"In this tutoring session I learned everything I needed and more. Without Mr. Fazio I would have not been able to keep a good grade in my math class. He is always very happy to help. I highly recommend Mr. Fazio as a math tutor."


Positive Feedback

I am very happy and honored to be chosen by parents and students to help guide them along in their math studies. I am truly honored when they take the time to leave me positive feedback. Please take a look for yourself and see what they are saying about Robert Fazio Math Tutoring.

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